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Remote programmable led display support multi-language LLDP762-Y750BRemote programmable led display support multi-language LLDP762-Y750BRemote programmable led display support multi-language LLDP762-Y750BRemote programmable led display support multi-language LLDP762-Y750B

Remote programmable led display support multi-language LLDP762-Y750B

  • Programmable led display size:L 435 mm x H 97 mm x D 34 mm
  • Pixels:7 X 50
  • Pixel pitch:7.62(mm)
  • Display color: Blue or customize
  • Usage condition: indoor or semi-outdoor
  • Display mode: Horizontal scroll
  • Display ability: text, number, real time...
Remote programmable led display Description:
1. Display English, EU language, Russian, graphic symbol and simple animations.
2. Stores up to 99 messages.
3. 7 Fonts, each with regular, bold and wide mode.
4. 66 other European characters.
5. 25 methods of displaying your message (Cyclic, Scroll up, Scroll down, Open to Center, Open from Right, Open from left and etc).
6. Approximately 7000 characters of memory space to store messages.
7. Built-in timer to power on/off during the day.
8. Built-in real time clock with 12-hour or 24-hour display format.
9. 8 pre-defined graph for easy to recall
10.8 user-defined graph.
11.30 pre-graphic symbols such as phone,car, clock, rocket, etc.
12.8 pre-defined phrases and animations such as MERRY CHRISTMAS.
13.Sequencing multiple messages display.
14.Time-Alarm setting.
15.8 programmable display speeds.
16.8 pause periods from 2-60 seconds.
17.3 different buzz sound can be added anywhere within the message.
18.Interface of the managing software can be in multiple languages.
19.Password protection.
20.Ethernet/Wireless control (optional).

             FEATURES & BENEFITS

           Hot Colors

      Font Size (One Line)

• SUPER-ATTRACTIVE INDOOR LED'S are attractive enough for shop/stores displays

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remote led signs

• More append Modes (Flash, Pause, Time, Stop, Cartoon...)

• Single-Line Capable Display with Multiple Font Sizes

• Scroll up, Scroll down, Move, Open, Cover, Immediate, Slide, Random..... up to 25 modes

• Multiple Display Speeds & Pause Time

• Formating tool is available, support USER-DEFINED special graphics, symbols, graphics or logos by yourself draw via its system

• Built in clock, display real time function

• Optional user friendly Windows formatted software available.

Custom colors are available  

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